Daily Schedule: 

Am Program: 

9:00-10:00 alternating social studies and science days followed by snack time

10-11:00 math 
  •       Individualized math: supports curriculum that your child works on at home. I will rotate around to guide and support learners at their own levels. 
  •       Interactive math games and social learning opportunities will reinforce and teach new upcoming concepts.
Lunch bunch and PE
10:45-12:30 parents join in (optional) and parent volunteers teach PE class and lunch 
All adults must be background checked to join in 

Pm Programs:
We typically include the following activities:

1.quiet reading or teacher read-alouds
2.small reading group with the teacher focusing on developmentally appropriate skills such as:
Reading comprehension
Sight words/spelling patterns

3.free writing/ journaling
4.stretch break and games, art, or music
5.whole group writing lesson 

*Monday/ Wednesday Drama Classes for the 1st semester with the director of Little TYKES Theater. Students will have a chance to perform for families at the end of the semester. We will focus on reading scripts during part of our reading time. 

*Tuesday Sign Language

*Thursday Sports and Cooperative Games