Class dynamics
  • tutoring and drop off programming
  • for all kiddos entering K-6th 
  • class sizes 10-12 children
  • core academics taught by Heather Ferguson
  • Specials may be taught by a variety of other teachers/parents or programs. 


We start by reinforcing the curriculum that you are using at home. You are the primary teacher and I want to support and strengthen your family learning styles. After working through their home curriculum, students engage in social math games that support their academic level. Teachers reinforce or teach new concepts through the games. 

*This design is especially beneficial for students who are below or above grade level and still desire to be with peers of the same age. 

This year our ELA curriculum will be inspired by The Good and Beautiful Writing. I want students to love reading and writing. Games and play are used whenever possible to help students find that love of learning. Individual reading groups are formed based on individual reading needs.